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I ordered a Carl's double combo ($6+) with a small fries and a small soda. The register showed the $6+ for the combo and another charge of $2+ for a small soda. I questioned the clerk and he said that "I don't know why it does that, but, you got a discount for the combo." Really?? My meal cost $9.11 for a $6+ combo meal. I tried to contact Carl's directly on their website but you can't do it without selecting the restaurant's address. Guess... Read more

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I went up to the counter to place an order & 2 women were chatting in the kitchen. I waited 5 minutes & finally said, is anyone home? 2 minutes later 1 of them came out, walked passed me without even establishing eye contact & walked to the drive through microphone. I was going to walk out, but instead told her I didn't appreciate being ignored. She said "I told you to wait a minute". I then walked out. This employee hates her job & more... Read more

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Went throw the drive throw and get getting enterupted by the employee. She did it five times so i left. Ukiah. Ca. store

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That was the most rip off fast food i ever had in my life. For the price the value of the meal is not satisfiying at all. I wd reather pay 1/3 of the price to burger king and have same satisfaction. The quality of meat was same as burger kind but for 3 times the price. I never felt such rip off before. I had it in istanbul by the way. So dont know the other country prices. For me it is disturbing. I ll not go there ever again. Read more

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Country club, south of the 60. Mesa,AZ. Time is Money, in my biz. BUT.... as a walk in I am NOT going to wait till Caucasion Heavy boy, is done tryin to pic up on the outher 2 Mexicans. "I said excuse me did not want to interrupt." I left HUNGRY! Finally ate in Casa Grande, AZ. Last stop at a carls whatever.

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The Western Beacon Cheese Burger combo is around $6.89 at ALL Carl's Jr. That i have visited. At store #7372 is $12. ???????? WTF. This is Not Beverly Hills!!!!!!!

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Store 7519-11/11/16 este es una queja sobre el servicio de comida mala que estan sirviendo alli la comida fria mal trato al consumidor el nombre de su empleador se llama amparo en estos tiempos y crisis que hay deberian tenee trabajadores mas acesibles *** el consumidor #de order 0247 #de empleado server 00488 las dos order #1 estubieron la comida fria laa papas y las burger cuando yo me fui a quejar sobre la comida y me la hicieron de nuevo... Read more

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I ordered a Green Burrito because I hadn't had one in a while and I had a coupon for a free medium drink. The order taker gave me the price and I thought that the price included the drink and would be deducted at the window. The exact wording on the coupon is "Free medium drink with the purchase of The Green Burrito with chicken or beef", that's it. When I went to the window, he repeated the cost I was given, $8.05. I said that I had a... Read more

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Carls Jr Restaurant - Carl's Jr. / Sunrise Way / Palm Springs, Ca.
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Went in after work, just before Carl's closed for the evening. I ordered a, California classic, and a order of fries. The manager on duty was explained, ( over and over and over ), that He was very busy, and had been all day. I made it clear, I was patient, and to not be bothered. My order was taken, and, I left. I returned to my home, took out the burger, and noticed that there was no, grilled onions, no lettuce, AND ONE patty, FOLDED OVER to... Read more

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Terrible service sense when you are prohibited to substitute grilled chicken instead of fried chicken

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